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April 2011

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August 2013, updated September 2014

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Tabletop Gaming

Some of this stuff goes way back, and a lot of it is rubbish … but I hope you find something to your fancy here.

Blood Boys (2014)

A tabletop RPG where you play boy vampires, heavily based on Paul Czege’s Nicotine Girls. First release. CC BY-SA. DOCX.

The Fading of the Land (2010)

A solitaire story game heavily based on one of Gizmet’s game poems. It’s about boys and girls fighting monsters as their coming of age ritual. All rights reserved. PDF and DOCX.

Oblivious (2010?) 

A game poem about four people so distracted by their own lives that they haven’t noticed the monster destroying their city. CC BY. PDF and DOC.

Starting Simple (2009) 

Quick start rules and two sample settings for Chris Gonnerman’s The Simple Game System.

Down and Out in Gadding-Thoth (2013)

Searchers of the Unknown/Dungeon World derived game set in twin cities. CC BY-SA. PDF and DOC.

Panic in the Long Grass (2019)

A Panic at the Dojo starter for the Tuxemon setting. CC BY-SA. PDF.

Dungeon World and World of Dungeons

Sanglorian’s Dungeon World Stuff (2012) 

Fourteen pages of diverse content I created for Dungeon World. CC BY. PDF and ODT.

The World Sequences (2013?) 

A Chrestomanci-_inspired _World of Dungeons setting. All rights reserved. PDF and ODT.

Grim Portents (2013-2015) 

The zine I edited. CC BY-SA or CC BY. PDF and ODT.

Issue 1

Issue 2


Darkening Skies (2010) is an unofficial sequel to Lady Blackbird, with a crew exploring a curiously empty spaceship. CC BY-NC-SA. PDF and Scribus.

It Came from the Wide Blue Yonder (2011) is a medieval superhero hackbird. CC BY. PDF and ODT.

Man and Ubermensch (2011) is a World War II superhero hackbird with a fascist plot to take over the US government. CC BY. PDF and ODT.

Libre Editions

4C System Libre Edition (2012) corrects errata and removes non-public domain content from 4C System. CC0. PDF and ODT.

Otherkind Dice

A Strange Charm (2009?) is a Doctor Who-inspired 24-hour RPG. CC BY. PDF and DOC.

Ghost/Echo Whispers (2009?) takes an idea from the development of Do (since discarded, I think) and applies it to Ghost/Echo. All rights reserved. JPG.

You Are Badass (2010) is a game I wrote in 6 minutes about having tremendous powers – and what you might give up when you use them. CC BY. ODT and PDF.


The Cult of the Sun (2009?) was my shot at providing an alternative to the Stellar Knights. All rights reserved. ODT and PDF.

Redbox Hack

Redworld (2012?) is a Powered by the Apocalypse take on Redbox Hack (PDF; CC BY 4.0 - note that this applies to my contributions only not those of Eric Provost or Vincent Baker)

The four Seeing Red supplements (2010?) offer new classes for Eric Provost’s Redbox Hack. CC BY. PDF.


I gave some thought to how you could roleplay in prison, and these are some of the results.

Hearth & Hunt (2011) is a quickplay adaptation of The Fading of the Land, with the players taking the role of storytellers bickering over previous battles against the monsters. CC BY-SA. JPG and PDF.

The Rule of Three and Breaking the Rule of Three (2011) are the simplest versions of the Storystory system I envisaged. CC BY-SA. PDF and ODT.

The Life Domestic (2011) is a set of cards (like an oracle) for The Rule of Three. CC BY-SA. PDF.