Asian-themed roleplaying games

Some of the below have very broad influences, some of which are Asian (like Exalted). Others do not have campaign settings (Wushu, Redbox Hack) but seemed worth mentioning anyway. Others are in the Asia-Pacific, but not Asia (Terror Australis, Mythos of the Maori):

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2013 in tabletop gaming - open licensing gets a mention

 Shannon Appelcline over at has reviewed 2013 in tabletop RPG publishing. Of particular interest is a small section on open licensing:

New Licensing Opens Up the Industry. The time of d20 is over, but it looks like Ryan Dancey permanently changed the gaming industry with his thoughts about open gaming licenses. As a result of Kickstarters, both GUMSHOE and Fate were released this year under Creative Commons [Attribution] and OGL licenses. The Dungeon World SRD was similarly licensed under the Creative Commons [Attribution licence]. Finally, the WaRP system from Over the Edge (1992) has been released under the OGL too.

I'm not sure that any of this will have a big impact on the industry, as Mongoose wasn't able to make much progress with their RuneQuest license of the late '00s, but it's an interesting trend that offers up neat possibilities.

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A Truly Free, Libre and Open Gift Guide - First Notes

I've been disappointed by the gift guides provided by Creative Commons and Many of the products that they promoted as 'open source' or 'open' are not – they are under proprietary licences or even all rights reserved! I thought I'd promote some of the products that I treasure that are, at least in part, free, libre and open.

 To make it into this series, a major part of the product must be under a free, libre and open licence. For example, Conquering Corsairs – in which the art is Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike qualifies, though the game rules are CC Attribution-NonCommercial – qualifies. Cards against Humanity – CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike in its entirety – does not.

Anima Prime from Berengad Games is a fast-paced tabletop roleplaying game inspired by manga and anime. An art-free, gratis PDF of the game is available under CC BY-SA; the proprietary illustrated PDF and hardcopy cost $10 and $20 respectively.

Donjon from CRN Games is a fantasy dungeoncrawl tabletop roleplaying game in which the players have significant narrative control. An art-free, gratis wiki of the game is available under CC BY-SA; the proprietary illustrated PDF costs $9.

The Shadow of Yesterday from CRN Games is a pioneering tabletop roleplaying game in which there are no monsters – only people. An art-free, gratis wiki of the game is available under CC BY-SA; the proprietary illustrated PDF costs $15.

Beast Hunters from Berengad Games is a tabletop roleplaying game where tattooed hunters of beasts use their fiendish blood for sorcery. An art-free, gratis wiki of the game is available under CC BY-SA; the proprietary illustrated PDF costs $10.

Sita Sings the Blues Merchandise from Nina Paley should be free, libre and open provided it faithfully reproduces the movie (which is CC0 licensed). Offerings include silk pocket squares ($45), the DVD of Sita Sings the Blues ($20; note the music is proprietary), a shirt of Shiva ($20), a lovely peacock phonograph charm ($12 or 2 for $20) and a Sita pin ($12).

The Public Domain Review Merchandise from the Open Knowledge Foundation should be free, libre and open; the site specifies that 'articles' are CC BY-SA licensed which hopefully covers the images in the shop too. Offerings include a poster of 24 of the most striking icons from Royal Book of Crests of Great Britain and Ireland, Dominion of Canada, India and Australasia and a print of the Blue Grotto (prices seem to be around $20).

Creative Commons has a number of give-aways based on donation levels: a pack of Team Open cards at $25, plus a shirt at $75 or a cap at $100, or plus both shirt and cap at $250. The Team Open illustrations are CC0; the text and card designs are CC BY (the illustrations can be downloaded gratis; the text and card designs will be able to be downloaded gratis soon).

Group Works is a deck of cards and accompanying instructions for 'bringing life to meetings and other gatherings'. The deck is available for $25; the rules and cards can also be downloaded as gratis PDFs. CC BY-SA.

Producing Open Source Software is a book about 'the human side of open source development'. Gratis HTML, EPUB and PDF available (CC BY-SA) as well as hardcopy from O'Reilly Media (ebook $20, print $25). A second edition of this book is coming next year.

Free as in Freedom is the biography of Richard Stallman, by Sam Williams. Gratis HTML available (GNU FDL), or ebook ($18), or hardcopy ($23). Stallman has since unilaterally revised the book.,

Fantastique Unfettered is only available in hardcopy (making it non-free, libre and open by some definitions), but is solidly licensed as CC BY-SA. Magazines of short stories, interviews, artworks, poems, etc., that sell for around $10 from a variety of merchants.

It's a Jetson's World is a book that celebrates digital capitalism while condemning recalcitrant government. CC BY licence. Gratis ebooks and PDFs; $4 hardcopies.

FREE BEER is a book containing materials from the speakers at FSCONS 2008. CC BY-SA. Gratis ebook; $15 hardcopy.

Blender DVDs include DVDs of the Blender movies (Sintel, Tears of Steel, Big Buck Bunny for €34, €27, €20), DVD training (~€25) and pre-orders for Caminandes 2 (€28). All CC BY (the movies are available gratis as well).

Libre Graphics Magazine is a CC BY-SA licensed magazine about programs like Inkscape and GIMP. Gratis PDFs and $12-$16 hardcopies.

Josh Woodward no longer sells physical albums, but you can buy his music (FLAC and MP3 format) for $1 a song or his entire discography for $40. You can also support him on Patreon, paying $1 or more per song that Woodward creates.;

Conquering Corsairs is a deckbuilding card game, the rules of which are CC BY-NC but the art of which is CC BY-SA. Art, rules and cards are available as gratis downloads; the game is also available print-on-demand for $35. (

Stick's Masterpiece is a fun children's book about a girl who creates a masterpiece from small and simple things. CC BY-SA. Hardcopy for $13 from Amazon; gratis PDF.

Rafu is creating roleplaying games under libre licences and you can help fund him on Patreon.

The Foundation for an Open Source City is a book by Jason Hibbets, discussing five elements of an open source city with Raleigh, North Carolina, as an example. CC BY-SA. EPUB $5, hardcopy $12.

Subaqueous USB Splash Drive is a collection of Subaqueous discography, remix stems, videos describing his artistic process, and so on. The samples, stems and instruments are CC BY-SA; I'm not sure what percentage of the collection they are. $75.

Dungeon World is a well-received dungeoncrawling tabletop roleplaying game. The text is CC BY licensed; the art is proprietary. A few gratis HTML versions are available; PDF for $10; hardcopy and PDF for $25.

Red Box Vancouver has a number of Dungeon World supplements, most of which have CC BY-SA licensed text (but not art or layout).

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