Witch Hunters

Witch Hunters

Mallory (β€œMal”) Malefictum (Champion)

(!)(!) Load Up with Silver Bullets: Your next attack is made with Advantage.

Through the Flames: You can make melee attacks against any character adjacent to a Fire.


Goodwife Snope (Lieutenant)

Torchbearer: If you Disable a Minion with an attack, you can Disable one Minion adjacent to that Minion (if any).

(!)(!) Ignition: Place a Bonfire token in a free space adjacent to you. Allies adjacent to (but not on) a Bonfire get Advantage on their attack. If they would be forced to move into the Bonfire, they can choose to treat it as blocking terrain. Attacks against a character on a Bonfire token get Advantage.

3 x Angry Mobsters (Troops)

Troops: Troops cannot be Wounded. If a Troop would be Wounded, it is instead Disabled.

Brothers Too: The first time Angry Mobsters Recover after an Angry Mobster has been Disabled, as well as the usual effect, add an additional Angry Mobster to play (the fourth). Place it in a free space adjacent to any Hero character. The fourth Mobster remains in play in subsequent Recoveries, but no further Mobsters are added.

Stop Anything: When a character could move, the number of spaces it can move is reduced by 1 for each Angry Mobster that is adjacent to it.