The Shapeshifter of Swartzblak

The Shapeshifter of Swartzblak

Win Condition

If the Shapeshifter is Disabled at the beginning of one of the Adversary’s turn, and Disabled at the end of the same turn, the Adversary loses.

If the Shapeshifter gets to Tile 5 of an Alleyway (and that Alleyway doesn’t connect to any other Alleyways) in Varmint form, and no Hero character is adjacent to it, at the end of one of the Hero’s turn, the Adversary wins.

If all six Townspeople not Wounded or Disabled at the end of the Sixth Round, the Adversary loses.

If the Champion and the Lieutenant are Disabled at the beginning of one of the Hero’s turns, and Disabled at the end of the same turn, the Adversary wins.

The Shapeshifter (Beast)

Do not place the Shapeshifter at the beginning of play. Instead, secretly identify which number Varmint is the Shapeshifter in animal form.

Beast: The Beast cannot be Disabled except from an attack that is made with Advantage.

Large: [barrel, pushing them in front of you; leaping, over them - or bring back the galumph, which is a leap ending in a barrel?]

Quick Change Artist: If the Shapeshifter becomes Wounded, they can immediately use Everything Changes (without double-stunting).

(!)(!) Everything Changes: Remove the Shapeshifter from play and place a Varmint from out-of-play on one of the spaces that was occupied by the Shapeshifter. Secretly identify one of the Varmints currently in play (including the one just placed, if you like) which is the Shapeshifter in disguise.

6 x Varmints (Minions)

Minion: Minions cannot be Wounded. If a Minion would be Wounded, it is instead Disabled.

Mortal: Varmints cannot Recover.

Scurry: If you successfully defend against an attack, move 3.

(!)(!) You’ve Got a Big Old Problem: Reveal which number Varmint is the Shapeshifter. Remove the Varmint from play and place the Shapeshifter where it was. There must be enough empty spaces (2 x 2) to place the Shapeshifter, or this power fails.

Swartzblak (Terrain)


There are three alleyways, each made up of up to six tiles numbered 0-5. Place the Alleyways so that one or more of their tiles is adjacent to an empty tile. Tiles from a particular Alleyway must be adjacent to at least one other tile from that Alleyway.

  • Astrologic Alley (Moon symbols)
  • Torrensh Alley (Anchor symbols)
  • Illogic Alley (Sun symbols)

(!)(!) Twists and Turns: Rearrange a single Alleyway by placing the tiles in new positions (you cannot rotate them). You must preserve the order that the tiles are in (e.g. if Tile 2 is currently between Tiles 3 and 5, it must remain that way after the rearranging), as well as which characters and terrain pieces are on which tiles. If a character is on multiple tiles, you must place those tiles so that that character’s position is maintained. At least one Alleyway tile that is adjacent to an empty tile must remain in that position.

Townspeople (blocking, obscuring)

Targetless: Hero characters cannot target the Townspeople for attacks. Varmints cannot target the Townspeople for attacks. The Shapeshifter can target Townspeople for attacks. If the attack is successful, the Townsperson is Disabled and the Shapeshifter loses the Wounded condition (if it had it). Townspeople can get damaged by other effects that they are not the target of, which always Disable them.

(>)(>) Flee: Move all Townspeople up to six spaces each.

(!) Command: Any unit can command a Townsperson within six spaces of it to move, as a stunt. The Townsperson moves up to three spaces.