The Kraken of Storm Coast

The Kraken of Storm Coast

Buried: Take the target off of the board. They cannot be subject to any effects and cannot take actions or reactions.

Win Condition

If the Head is Disabled at the beginning of one of the Adversary’s turn, and Disabled at the end of the same turn, the Adversary loses.

If the Champion and the Lieutenant are Disabled at the beginning of one of the Hero’s turns, and Disabled at the end of the same turn, the Adversary wins.

If all remaining Heroes are Grabbed at the same time, the Adversary wins.

The Head (Beast)

Beast: The Beast cannot be Disabled except from an attack that is made with Advantage.

Large: [barrel, pushing them in front of you; leaping, over them - or bring back the galumph, which is a leap ending in a barrel?]

Backup: If no Tentacles are adjacent to the Head, attacks against it have advantage.

Swallow (!)(!): Select an adjacent Grabbed character. “Bury” the target.

Upon a successful attack against the Head (not necessarily one with advantage), the attacking player can choose to have all swallowed characters spat out instead of whatever other consequences the attack would have. Swallowed characters are placed by their player in free spaces adjacent to the Head.

4 x Tentacles (Minions)

Minion: Minions cannot be Wounded. If a Minion would be Wounded, it is instead Disabled.

Mortal: Tentacles cannot Recover.

Grippy (!)(!): An adjacent character is Grabbed. They cannot move willingly. For each space the Tentacle moves, the character is pulled 1. Each Tentacle can only Grab one character at a time.

Any time the Tentacle would take a Wound, they can instead drop the character they are Grabbing (if they are Grabbing one).

Drop (!): Any Tentacles you choose drop the character(s) they are Grabbing.

Storm Coast (Terrain)

Shoals and Deeps

Deeps (Anchor tiles) are Difficult Terrain for Heroes. Shoals (Sun tiles) are Difficult Terrain for Adversaries.

Moving through Difficult Terrain costs twice as much movement, and attacks against creatures in Difficult Terrain have advantage.

Submerge (!): “Bury” any number of Tentacles that are in the Deeps or place any number of currently buried Tentacles on the board in any empty Deeps spaces.

Storm Surge (!)(!): Choose one of the four directions. Push all characters on Shoals spaces up to one space in that direction.


Whirlpools (Moon coins) are blocking and obscuring terrain.

Permission (>): A Whirlpool moves up to 3 squares.

Swirling Mass (AA): If the Whirlpool is in the Deeps, make an attack against an adjacent character.