2013 in tabletop gaming - open licensing gets a mention

 Shannon Appelcline over at RPG.net has reviewed 2013 in tabletop RPG publishing. Of particular interest is a small section on open licensing:

New Licensing Opens Up the Industry. The time of d20 is over, but it looks like Ryan Dancey permanently changed the gaming industry with his thoughts about open gaming licenses. As a result of Kickstarters, both GUMSHOE and Fate were released this year under Creative Commons [Attribution] and OGL licenses. The Dungeon World SRD was similarly licensed under the Creative Commons [Attribution licence]. Finally, the WaRP system from Over the Edge (1992) has been released under the OGL too.

I'm not sure that any of this will have a big impact on the industry, as Mongoose wasn't able to make much progress with their RuneQuest license of the late '00s, but it's an interesting trend that offers up neat possibilities.

Written on January 3, 2014