Bespoke Copyright or Shareable Society - a new brand for non-free Creative Commons licences

On the Creative Commons discussion list, Mike Linksvayer said:

To get really ahead of the curve, make a gift of another brand to put the non-open NC and ND under. :)

I put some thought into that, and while it was difficult to avoid being sarcastic or flippant (‘Proprietary Society’, ‘Creative Uncommons’, ‘Share the Love’), I did come up with two possible brands that I thought could be compelling: ‘Bespoke Copyright’ (arguing that you should be able to choose what copyright applies to your creations) and ‘Shareable Society’ (advocating for the freshly-minted term ‘shareable works’, describing those that can be shared and adapted by any person for any purpose).

I posted them to the discussion list and sadly heard nothing back, but here they are for you:


Written on November 22, 2013